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Debating the Phenomenon.

Intelligent Final Fantasy Debate For the Intelligent Fan.

Final Fantasy Debates.
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*If you are new to the communtiy please read these rules before posting or taking part in a discussion. It only takes a minute or two and will avoid any possible warning you might get from not following the rules.*

NOTE: Rules are currently undergoing revision. Please follow any current rules that may be on the rules page, but check back often as they are subject to change. Major changes in rules will be posted by a maintainer in the main community.

new_shinra87 is a community aimed primarily at serious Final Fantasy debate. Although this community was started due to the creators immense interest in Final Fantasy VII we encourage debate on a varitey of topics, and that doesn't mean we concentrate solely on Final Fantasy. Feel free to express your opinions on any video game that takes your fancy, your views on the industry as a whole, the next generation of consoles (or if you think the current generation has enough life left in it feel free to express those views.) If your entry contains spoilers we’d really appreciate it if you post them behind an LJ cut, to prevent those who have not seen Advent Children, played through Final Fantasy 12, and other new Final Fantasy games to encounter spoilers. Think that new Uwe Boll film adaptation of a popular video game sucked? Well don't surpress those views, get them down and share them with the world. Fans of anime can feel at home to, feel free to discuss Dragon Ball Z, Yugioh, or whatever anime you're into. Love writing fan fiction? Submit it for scrutiny by our members!

What we do encourage, however, is debate. This isn't like posting a few short comments on your blog. We want your detailed views on whatever topic you choose to present. The whole purpose of this community is to encourage intelligent debate, so if you're going to post a topic please make your views clear and concise beforehand, and proof read your argument before submitting.

What we don't encourage is harrasment of other members. If you don't agree with someone's opinions, explain why, don't harrass them because they don't agree with your own views. A debate is nothing if everyone is forced to hold the same view on a subject, let people keep their indivduality. Please keep profanity at a minimum. There are plenty of positive ways to emphasize your point of view(s) and express your feelings about other people's beliefs. It is important to keep in mind that illegal downloads are NOT allowed on Livejournal. Please don’t post entries regarding downloads or where to acquire them. In other words, we do not want to see posts about downloading Final fantasy music and Advent Children.

Again, for a full list of the rules please see this page.

Above all, enjoy yourself and post what you feel. We look forward to reading your detailed debates!


Your Maintainers:

neo_rufus = Creator/Maintainer
nosignalinput of No Signal Input = Co-Creator/Maintainer/Tagger
ff7aeris = Assistant Maintainer
heybitchmove =

Please direct questions, complaints, and concerns to these people.

We're also looking for someone to create promotional banners for the community.

If you think you have what it takes then contact one of the above maintainers.

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If you would like to affiliate your Final Fantasy community, please leave a comment here.

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