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Sep. 21st, 2008

Zuko in Flower Pot


The real life connection

Courtesy of having an older brother who likes to share, I am into cars/bikes/boats/aircraft, video games, and Cracked.com.

Naturally, this was bound to happen sometime.

Dodge FenrirCollapse )

SOLDIER miceCollapse )

Behold... VIDEO GAME SCIENCE IN THE REAL WORLD. Opinions? Thoughts? Any other examples of seemingly impossible Final Fantasy science finding place in the real world after the game?

May. 21st, 2008


I had an interesting thought and dug up a few things....

After playing Crisis Core and watching Advent Children after wards and thinking about Aerith's comment in CC to Zack about his eye color... it made me curious.

So I dug up a few images in hopes to find a side by side comparison and I thought to post it to hear about other opinions.

Images hereCollapse )

The only thing to consider is the lighting and quality of the images but I found it interesting

May. 5th, 2008


Before Crisis reference

Sorry for all that spam, but... I figured that you'd enjoy the ff7 novellas, or short novels and stuff. The Before Crisis translation is found at http://www.freewebs.com/gunshotromance/ and out of respect for the owner of the site, I'm only going to refer everyone to that link ^^; (in BC, she chose to play Female - Handgun (i.e. Elena's older sister) with the name of Rosalind.

The translation stops at Chapter 21 when according to her (the translator's) notes is apparently Reno's background.

So... there ya go

P.S. I figured out the year and date system in the FF7 world...

Year/Month/Day with a prefix of Era (εуλ). - Which I have no idea which alphabet the 'εуλ' came from... is it Greek, is it Russian? I have no clue.

Era (εуλ) 1986/8/11 - Cloud's Date of Birth


FF7 novellas - On the Way to a Smile, Tifa's Chapter

Translated by unknown.

On the Way to a Smile : Episode 2 : TifaCollapse )


FF7 novellas - On the Way to a Smile, Denzel's Chapter

Translated by unknown.

On the Way to a Smile : Episode 1 : DenzelCollapse )


FF7 novellas - The Maiden who Travels the Planet - pt 2

Written by Benny Matsuyama
Published in the FFVII Ultimania Omega book.

Translated by Xcomp.

The Maiden who Travels the Planet - Part 2Collapse )


FF7 novellas - The Maiden who Travels the Planet - pt 1

Written by Benny Matsuyama
Published in the FFVII Ultimania Omega book.

Translated by Xcomp.

The Maiden who Travels the Planet - Part 1Collapse )
Cloud - Pissed


FF7 Talk - They Just Can't Be Alive!!

Hey everyone! I'm not too sure about other colleges/universities elsewhere but I am officially on summer break! For those whose classes are still in and got finals to face, all the best! For those who have already done them, hope you got what you wished for!

Ok, so onto some Final Fantasy business. Between studies I've been reading around on Final Fantasy Wiki. I'm ashamed to say this but I had no idea that it was there all this time! Do you know what this means?! I am going to be using that to spawn up some new Final Fantasy topics! One articile in particular already caught my eye that I'm bout to share with you guys.

So I know Scarlet and Heidegger isn't everyone's favorite characters but I was randomly reading their profiles and it apparently says that "The battle ends when the Proud Clod explodes with Heidegger and Scarlet inside. Though they are presumed dead, it's unknown if this is actually the case." I'm sorry, what? I didn't even think it was actually worth considering the idea that these two survived. As I mentioned before, Scarlet and Heidegger aren't the most popular characters in general, which might explain why most people saw the "boom" and said "ok they so dead." But, correct me if I am wrong but didn't the Prod Clod go off screen before exploding? Perhaps they somehow jumped out then? I don't know but I find that part a little fishy. Unlike Rufus' explosion, their's happened from the inside out.

Ok now here is one final question worth debating about. Ok so lets say Rufus did indeed die in the blast and somehow Scarlet and Heidegger managed to overcome meteor and continue to rule ShinRa. Can any of you actually imagine the idea of those two working together for very long? To me, the only thing that kept them on the same page of thinking was their so called dislike for Rufus, which btw I think was pointless on Scarlet's part since I don't recall Rufus saying anything too bad to her anyway. But if he truly was out of the picture, could those continue to work well together? I'd say they would plot against one another but that's just me. :P

Ok so that's the topic I got for today. I'll keep reading through the FF Wiki for ideas! I look forward to having deep conversations with you all again, its been so long. Oh and of course, if you have topics you want to discuss you know what to do! See you around!


Apr. 5th, 2008


(no subject)

I realise it's been aeons since I last stepped in here, because university and everything has been getting in the way, but I'm back to LJ. After a while.

In any case, if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete it. I thought you guys might be interested, so I'm dropping a link to a new committee:


Mar. 12th, 2008


Funny fan comics drawn by a friend - must see!

I recently remembered these two fan parody comics that my friend made about SephiropthCollapse )

Very funny

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