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ff7aeris in new_shinra87

Dissidia Final Fantasy - No Spoilers

They're just costumes, recolors, alternative costumes/recolors or alternative weapons and you can at least see the playable characters (cosmos - protagonists and chaos - antagonists)

Note: Some costumes are slightly altered to be closer to the artwork of Yoshitaka Amano.

From what I hear (i.e. I could be wrong on this - in fact, I think it is wrong but what ever), their 'crystal' forms are unplayable and are boss characters for the opposing character in their story mode: (ex. Cloud in 'crystal' form would be Sephiroth's final boss in story mode, or Kefka's 'crystal' form would be Terra's final boss -- and so on and so on)

More costume character stuff:


Thanks for posting! Those are fun to see! I especially squee'd a little when I saw Squall's SeeD uniform. ^0^

I wish there were more female characters in this game, though. That disappoints me.
Yay! Dissidia!

The crystal forms are, in fact, unplayable and you'll encounter them from time to time in story mode, though they're not necessarily bosses. Playing as Squall I came up against 'crystal' Sephiroth, this was about on my third level too, which caused some panic, and then later on even a 'crystal' Ultimecia before I was at the end of the storyline; but they're no where near as strong as their real counterparts, a few good hits and a break and they're done.

I don't remember exactly what they're called, but you can think of them as clones I suppose.
Yeah, I figured as such =^_^=

Thanks for info
man, i wish sephiroth's other costume was safer sephiroth or something. i mean, there you have kefka's final form in all its hardcore glory and then it's just...sephiroth took his shirt off. great.
Fangirls... gotta love the fan girls...
bloody fangirls.

cloud's other costume should have been his wall market dress.
Thanks for making me almost snort soda out of my nose!

But yeah - that would be funny.

You should try going to an anime convention - sooner or later, you will find someone who thought of that and chose to close play "Wall Market Cloud"

There's already a "Thriller Cloud" who is an acquaintance of mine, and he's cool.

He's now a performer for http://www.conceptgalaxy.com/ (http://www.conceptgalaxy.com/Bio_Peter.php)
To elaborate further on the "crystal" forms - They are called Imitations and are essentially golems created by the forces of Chaos. This is referenced on the Story Section of the official site with the line, "Those who answered Chaos' call created an inexhaustible force."
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