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Roxas - 9000?!

neo_rufus in new_shinra87

The Revival

Hey everyone, its been a while huh? This is Miguel, aka the mod of this dormant Final Fantasy community. I know I've been gone for far too long. Just recently my drive to write on Live journal has been restored and I'm full of ideas and plenty to talk about in both this community AND my personal journal. I do have a nice handful of debate topics that have been lingering in my mind for the past few months. But for the mean time, I'm just using using this post as an attempt to breathe some life back into this oh-so-awesome community.

So with that said, I hope everyone has been doing well. Are we all still Final Fantasy fans in here? Show me some love people! I really need your help to getting this place up and running again like before.

I'll be posting a Final Fantasy debate topic before Friday.

Thanks in advance, everyone. It feels really good to be back.

Your Mod,



I just stay in the background as per usual :p

I'd like to get involved in the debates, but it's been so long since I've delved into some of the topics we discuss that I don't really have much to say. I do enjoy reading the debates though, so keep them up and I'll help out wherever is needed (might start with a fresh new layout and a new promotion drive) :-)
Dude it would be so epic if you could hookup this community with a new layout! You're much better at me with that kind of stuff. XD
Rufus - AC

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