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Merry Montblancmas

whitemount in new_shinra87

Maybe I'm just half-assing it because I love this community and am sad to see it so inactive though I have nooooo current thoughts, but...


This has actually been bugging me for a while, because I like to write Advent Children fic and need lots of FF7 backstory for, you know... Remnant Revenge! So, like... Here be the curiosity I want answers to.

How was Jenova going to use the Planet as a vessel to infest another world?

Yep. That's it. Each block is a point and rebuttal:

- See, at first I was like, Jenova plunged into the Planet, riding on some other planet. That's how it works, that's how viruses work. Infest, consume, move on. lol Humans So it came to the Planet on another planet - which planet do you think it is? What sort of life did they have on it? Were the humans intelligent enough to fight or were they just mercilessly wiped out? So Jenova plunged into the Planet as part of its design, not part of a plan.
    Rebuttal: Maybe it did know. Maybe it was strategic enough to aim where it thought it could do the most damage at once. But after Jenova goes and kills all the inhabitants and life, wouldn't the Planet actually go cold and dead before it has a chance to utilise any particular energies? And did the peeps on the previous Planet have anything like what the Ancients made on this Planet?

- When Sephiroth died (or maybe he's preserved, but "like dead"), Jenova controlled his essence. That's its specialty: can control the memory of the dead (re: Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo AND the haunting story Ifalna tells Gast in Icicle). So that means... Jenova commanded Sephiroth to enter the Temple of the Ancients and activate the Black Materia. Of course, it couldn't, so it kind of lured Cloud & Co.TM to do it. Why would Jenova destroy the Planet if it's still on it? Would the energies more or less smash the Planet into a ball of fire that could act like a new Meteor?
    Rebuttal: Black Materia is specific to Ancients, which means wherever Ancients go they leave a terrible weapon behind for whomever can figure it out. That means that wherever Ancients go, Jenova won't go, because Cetra can stop Jenova. The only reason they couldn't this time was because of the trickery Jenova pulled when it first arrived. So that means that the Planet from which Jenova came at the beginning of Final Fantasy VII did not have Anceints nor Meteor. So now the Meteor theory is busty bust.

- Jenova's stuck big time. The Planet amasses Lifestream energy to a "wound" and heals itself. When Hojo went bananas and tried to send Sephiroth more Lifestream energy. Now. Is this the catalyst to create a new Meteor? It seems like it would, as it has all the knowledge and all the energy to power a thousand homes for a whole year, so it could warp the Planet inside-out and create a new Meteor on which to ride out.
    Rebuttal: Since Lifestream's actually more harmful on life in the long run, I don't see Jenova and Sephiroth wanting it all around them. Plus! It seems too passive to really ESPLODE. If we split hairs and think scientifically, Lifestream is actually not potent enough until it's condensed in Mako reactors, then "burned", or used, to make energy. So it's not powerful enough all alone. Either way, I don't think the Lifestream would let it ruin the Planet: as it's pure knowledge, it would seem like it ought to have a fail-safe for such a thing.

I got nothing else... -.- What've you got?

Providing proof is great. 8D It helps write the story better, donachano.


Well... I have a translated copy of One the Way to a Smile (Denzel, Tifa, Barret and know of the existence of The Lifestream chapters) and The Maiden who Walks the Planet (Aeris / Aerith - I have an explanation on the name discrepancy, if you're interested in hearing it)

As for Jenova, I have a few ideas... such as why 'she' got mistaken for a 'Cetra' - I can't remember where in the orginal game it reveals this, or provides enough pieces to the puzzle - perhaps during an interview with Infalna (sp) by Professor Gast (Aerith's father), but Jenova was able to change into a Cetra and interact with the residents of The Forgotten City (City of the Ancients, depending on which translation you prefer) and this virus killed them off, but not before she was defeated and sealed away while in the form of a Cetra female that when 'she' was discovered some 2000 years later, that could explain on why Jenova was mistaken as a "Cetra" and most likely a female.

Previous planets that Jenova has been on: I never heard anything about that nor found any real importance to know other than that 'she' was a 'Calamity from the sky' and not native of the Planet. Perhaps at one time Jenova had a sentient consciousness, but no more. Dead is dead.

Sephiroth, on the other hand, was infused with Jenova cells while he was still an embryo which, I suppose, overrode most of the genetic code of his 'father' and actual 'mother' who simply became a mere surrogate and gave birth to him. I would assume that he did maintain some of those traits such as intelligence from both and his mother's graceful appearance.

But, he and Jenova were far more intimately connected on a genetic level for obvious reasons and since she's dead, he became the mind and took over Jenova (I'm making this assumption over the fact that she's long dead, and he was alive when this epiphany hit him). Then the circumstances in which he was 'killed' may have been the cause of some unexpected effects since there were no mako reactors 2000 years ago and being thrown into the mako below was (I again am assuming) not the way Jenova was defeated.

Then the lifestream - even the sun is dangerous in excess but it's needed for all life on earth. Without it, there would be no life as we know it, and too much could kill life (and cause cancer).

The weapons - any kind of weapon (even if it's a rusted fork in the eye) is neither good nor evil. It's the intention of the user that makes that choice. I think that the Ancients created and used the Black Materia as a way to defeat Jenova, then sealed it away into the Ancient Temple since they either couldn't or didn't want to destroy it afterwards.

And the monstrous weapons that showed up afterwards: Somehow in my mind, that was another duty of the Ancients and that was to keep them in check and prevent them from 'awaking' for the wrong reasons. But when there was no more to tell it right from wrong, it was left to it's own devices and as a 'weapon' it (mistakenly) interpreted certain events as dangers to the planet. In fact, that was how the last weapon, Omega, was awakened - it was tricked to think that the planet was in danger. Reeve even pointed it out to everyone else. (DC)
Oh, but the question was how Jenova was originally going to use the Planet as a vessel to get to another world?

Like, in Advent Children? You know how Sephiroth goes around monologuing to Cloud about how he's gonna ride on the Planet like a vessel to new, other worlds (with "Mother")? Yeah, my question was "how?".

I just used the points and rebuttals as a starter, and because I had ideas that were constantly getting refuted by random rebuttals. @_@
Hmmm... perhaps as a corpse? And then come back at least as a projection of themself or use that other lifestream (if the new destination has one) to come back to life? Honestly, there is no information on how... nor anything on why on Jenova's part... and Seph... perhaps just wanted to finish what Jenova started but never knew why she made an attempt to destroy the planet. How would she benefit from it?

Have you seen FF: The Spirits Within? It coins around the whole 'corpse' theory.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: I don't know. There is nothing in anything 'canon' to explain Jenova at all other than she existed and that she had just ONE line in the original game which was simply telling Cloud that he was a 'puppet' immediately after Aerith died.

What we do know story-wise, was that her corpse was carved up like an Easter ham and put into people in various experiments. But nothing on her 'character', or true motives.


Quick peep on the Aerith/Aeris name (Sorry, I know this is not Jenova relevant! But this is the only place for this topic :(

Ok- so my tiny input is that there are no thetas in the Japanese language (or many languages outside of the Icelandic "thorn". . .but I digress). So, when a native Japanese speaker approximates the English theta (whether voiced or unvoiced), the resulting sound is sometimes perceived as an "S" to the native English speaker (because Japanese usually produce a lot of sibilance in their theta approximates). . I really only thought of this just now because I just finished helping a colleague with a theta modeling study for native Japanese speakers and their thetas all exhibit high sibilance that results in an almost alveolar fricative-ish sound like our "S"! So the the test words like "Thousand", "Third" and "Healthy" sounded closer to "Sousand", "Sird", and "Helsy". . . . this might have contributed to the English Translators writing an "S" instead of the theta that the Japanese had intended. . . maybe. .

. . . I'm a phonetics geek...
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