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Advent Children Complete?! [Spoiler Alert]

I have the feeling that a lot of you already know(I found out about 5 seconds ago)about the "new" Advent Children movie coming out yeah? From what I have seen, they are simply adding a lot more cooler scenes to the original film. I've posted the trailer below if you are interested in watching it. So in your opinion, do you think this is necessary? Do you feel Advent Children was fine just the way it is? Express your views/feelings about this new film. I find to be pretty epic, and I am really looking forward to it now. ^^


Haha, go Denzel! (I love that kid. <3)

Hm... I think AC was fine the way it was, but watching this made me think, "Hm, it's probably not all that bad." It gave me clues as to what happened to Tseng and Elena during the plane crash and wow, I was just... so impressed at Denzel hitting that fire hydrant. XD
know, right? Denzel actually fought back. He might grow up to be a real Cloud.
I've been waiting for this bad boy for a while now. ^^; I saw a trailer for it the last two times I went to Japan... and yeah. What's there to say?

They're basically adding back 30 minutes or so of scenes that were cut out, and they put back in the blood as you can see. I'm a fan of having things fleshed out, so yeah, I'm really looking forward to it.

The BD will be released with a 30 minute playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII too, so there's a plus, which considering Region codes mean nothing on a PS3... yay! XD

And as an added bonus, there's this gorgeous, gorgeous PS3: http://www.akihabaranews.com/en/news-17376-FF+VII+Advent+Children+PS3+and+Blu-Rry+Pack+Hits+Japan.html
Yeah, me too!

It should be something.

Can you say epic? XD
EDIT Added videos in High Definition, sorry for the 'spam' Miggs ^^;

I heard somewhere in April on blue-ray and if you have a PS3, there is a FF13 demo

But... who knows the truth.

Anywho, there are some clips that are not refined in lighting or texture and stuff.

I do know the added dialogue between Sephiroth and Cloud in the sword fight that roughly says "Remember this pain, Cloud?"

When I saw AC the first time and the 'Strife Delivery Service' I was personally going 'wtf'? I hope that this is explained later ('too bad, I'm a delivery boy now') -- but there was no explanation in the movie. I had to dig up the novellas to get a better picture. It took a while, but I found Tifa's Chapter (which is relevant to the whole delivery service question), Denzel's chapter, and Barret's chapter.

I hear that the complete package will have new novellas too.

But what I know is hear say.

... Which the HQ isn't working so my bad ^^;
I'm pretty sure the FF13 demo is Japan only, but I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Then again Blu-Ray is region free, right? So I guess it's worth it for that alone, but playing in Japanese would just annoy me (I did watch AC in Japanese originally, but it had English subtitles so I was fine with that. A game might not have that luxury).

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Oh no worries, Angie. Its all good. XD

Thank YOU for posting extra vids. I really appreciate it.
WowO_o That's pretty cool. I haven't actually heard anything about that until now:/ I thought it was all right the way it was, but the additional scenes are pretty interesting. More fighting, especially for the rest of the castXD (A little anyway) They only got so much screen time in the original:S
I'm excited to see more of what happened to Tseng and Elena. I don't really know about the rest of it. And I'm sort-of interested in the anime OAV of Case of Denzel, just because Reeve is in it. I have weird Reeve-love that I can't explain or account for. But Denzel in anime style scares me a little.

Apparently there's a new On the Way to a Smile novella being released with the DVDBluRay Disc (April 16 in Japan, sometime in June US, I think). I've heard rumor of a Case of Shinra being part of that. (Fellow fangirls, can I get a whoop-whoop?)

I just hope it doesn't mess up my Geostigma head canon by trying to "explain it better." (Anyone else think Nomura's attempts to "explain FF7 better" usually just make things more convoluted?)

And I also need to mooch BluRay playerness off of somebody because there's no way I'm shelling out for one. Or just hope someone puts the extra scenes up on the internet somewhere.

"(Anyone else think Nomura's attempts to "explain FF7 better" usually just make things more convoluted?)"

Just about everyone thinks that, from what I've seen.

Now if they'd just get around to re-doing FF7 for one of the new systems, big and with all these new canon things like Dirge properly incorporated, that'd be lovely.
On the second disk of AC, there are some interviews and a few deleted scenes that were just scrapped and not finished (no sound) or different dialogue that 'didn't seem right'

I need to take a look at it again some timw
Personally I don't see the point in paying for it again just for a few extras. If it was one of those 4 disc bad boys crammed full of special features then, yes, I'd probably buy it. It isn't though, and I have no need for a Blu-Ray version, so I won't be getting it.

The FF13 demo? I think that's Japan only.
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