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Double Debate! Seifer's Flashback and Squall/Seifer V.S. Cloud

Ok so I have two debate topics I would love to discuss with all of you today. These are just a few out of the many that I have in mind. Ok so with that said, let's get to it. First one is about Final Fantasy 8. Do you any of you remember the part in the game when Squall and company visited Matron's orphanage? Was it disc two? Anyway, while in the basketball court they experience a flashback which leads them to remember who Matron is and that she is indeed the Sorceress. Ok so here is where things get a little tricky.

The next time they run into Seifer (who was also in the flashback) he talks to the entire group as if he experienced that very same flashback, possibly at the same time as the others. I say this because in disc 2 he refers to the Sorceress as Matron, obviously indicating he knows who she really is. I was able to find the quotes too. "Did you guys come to fight Matron? After all she's done for us?" What I find interesting is that in disc one he doesn't refer to the Sorceress as Matron. So here is my first question. In your opinion, did Seifer know who Edea was by the end of first disc? Or did he find out in disc 2 by experiencing the same flashback as the others, or by some other method?

My second question is pretty direct. If Seifer and Squall teamed up to battle Final Fantasy 7's Cloud, who do you think would win? This question is totally based on one's imagination. lol I'm just curious to see the feedback. But my personal opinion, I'd say Seifer and Squall would win. I'll admit that Cloud's 3 vs 1 skills was very impressive. But I don't recall seeing any limit breaks from Kadaj, and his gang. Me personally, Seifer and Squall might overwhelm Cloud with pure limit breaks. Although, the teamwork between Squall and Seifer could be complicated because I can see Seifer trying to do it all by himself and quite possibly endanger his partner. Also, one can even argue that Squall might spend most of the match trying to defend/protect Seifer afer making reckless/arrogant decisions. Neverhteless, I'd still consider the two teens the victors in this melee match up.

So those are my two debate topics. I hope you like them and I look forward to your point of views. XD


The second part of this question is easy for me to answer...I think a Squall/Seifer team would win against Cloud hands down...I mean, I love Cloud and being able to take on Jenova clones is no small feat but...I dunno, the boys of FFVIII to me would win easily. I personally think that they would win against Cloud in solo matches, as well, to be honest. Especially since Squall and Seifer are trained using their own personal strength and intelligence--while the GFs help, Cloud is genetically altered to be stronger so I think that makes the Garden boys inherently better in battle. And I can definitely see that they might get a little competitive with each other (and definitely see Squall acting as the defense of that operation!), but because of the their Garden training I think in battle they would understand to team up against a common enemy. I think a really interesting battle would be Cloud and Squall against Seifer...While true Squall has technically defeated Seifer, if there was no Sorceress involved draining Seifer's morale? Seifer did win in the battle at the beginning of the game, after all...

As for the flashbacks...I suppose I had not given too much though to the exact moment Seifer remembered. We know he had to have forgotten some things because he used GFs, but...Quistis at one point makes a comment about thinking her feelings for Squall were just a manifestation of her need to take Ellone's place, and I think a lot of Seifer's attitude towards the group is kind of like that. He might not remember them, but seeing them probably brings up some memories of their interactions as children so he just keeps going with that. I do not think he knew who Matron was at first, but yeah, he definitely remembered at some point. I wonder what it was that sparked his memory? The others had their flashback because Irvine told them about the orphanage so it triggered their memories...I wonder if someone told Seifer something about it or if being so connected to Edea again brought things back?

I also have to wonder if Ellone was communicating with Seifer at all during all of this time. Obviously she was probably not sending him back to Laguna, but maybe she tried to tell him about Matron? Who knows...very good question!
Hm. That's pretty cool that you feel they can win in solo matches. I must admit that I wouldn't mind seeing that match up "Dead Fantasy" style. Have you seen that before? Its really good! Oh and I agree with you 100% about Seifer being better then Squall. In the first match against Seifer he was really rusty. Oh check this out...if you play/watch a vid of the boss battle against Seifer in disc one you'll notice that when he attacks he simply lunges forward and swipes.

But when you fight him in disc 2/3 he lunges forward, spins, then swipes. Just a random feat I picked up on. lol Anyway, Seifer's heart clearly wasn't in those fights. So I understand when you say he wasn't really at his best at the time. Not to mention Squall almost always had a squad with him to fight. Its a shame Seifer didn't fight along side Fujin/Raijin at least once.

You know I actually like the idea of Ellone communicating with Seifer throughout the game. To me, she and Squall never really "hated" Seifer, even at the very end. So the idea is possible. Its a shame that Seifer was to brainwash to pay it much attention and link the pieces together.
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